The CTA will be offering the opportunity to locate retail operations throughout the CTA’s extensive bus and rail system. Locations available will include inside both train and bus stations.

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Current offerings
The following list displays the locations of opportunities that are currently available. Click here to download information for current offerings.

Line Station Address   Building Size    
Blue Line Belmont 3355 W. Belmont Ave   220 RSF    
Blue Line Cumberland 5800 N. Cumberland Ave   700 RSF    
Blue Line Jackson 219 S. Dearborn St   205 RSF    
Blue Line LaSalle/Congress 150 W. Congress Pkwy   115 RSF    
Blue Line Monroe/Adams 114 S. Dearborn St   216 RSF    
Blue Line Washington 19 N. Dearborn St   180 RSF    
Brown Line Montrose 1817 W. Montrose Ave   55 RSF    
Brown Line Wellington 945 W. Wellington Ave   88 RSF    
Brown Line Western 4644 1/2-4648 N. Western Ave   1900 RSF    
Green Line Cottage Grove 800 E. 63rd St.   90 RSF    
Green Line King Drive (South) 400 E. 63rd St   80 RSF    
Orange Line Ashland 3011 S. Ashland Ave   324 RSF    
Pink Line 18th St 1710 W. 18th St   205 RSF    
Pink Line 54th/Cermak 2134 S. 54th Ave   345 RSF    
Pink Line Central Park 1906 S. Central Park Ave   465 RSF    
Pink Line Pulaski 2021 S. Pulaski Rd   270 RSF    
Purple Line Linden 349 Linden Ave   252 RSF    
Red Line Granville 1111 W. Granville Ave   800 RSF    
Red Line Jackson 312 S. State St   175 RSF    
Red Line Jarvis 1527 W. Jarvis Ave   1010 RSF    
Red Line Monroe 128 S. State St   276 RSF    
Red Line Monroe 26 S. State St   164 RSF    
Red Line Morse 1353-1355 W. Lunt Ave   1980 RSF    
Red Line Morse 1401 W. Morse Ave   1267 RSF    
Red Line Morse 1405 W. Morse Ave   760 RSF    
Red Line State/Lake 188 N. State St   120 RSF